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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Machu Picchu...Meat + BYOB..again

I took my dear friend out for her birthday dinner to Machu Picchu, at the recommendation of her coworkers. The Peruvian restaurant has a lot of meat on the menu and is BYOB just like Tango Sur and Las Tablas

It was pretty empty when we got there, which made me a little skeptical. But since her coworkers come here often, I had a little more faith. I ordered the Lomo Fino Machu Picchu (Filet Mignon cooked on the grill. Served with Machu Picchu diced potatoes, seasoned with Aji Panca (sun-dried red chili) and steamed vegetables) and my birthday princess had Bistec a lo Pobre (Steak served with fried eggs, fries, fried plantains and rice).  I also ordered a side of plantains because I ♥ them.

A few disappointments that night:
  1. I forgot my bottle of wine! I knew we wouldn’t finish a bottle between the two of us, but I still just felt so incomplete L
  2. So I decided to order a Coke instead. And got a can. For $2! Dangit I wish I had that bottle of wine (still have leftovers from my wine and cheese party)!
  3. They were out of plantains! Are you serious?! That’s like a Mexican place being out of chips and salsa, no?! Oh well, I’ll survive. Without wine or plantains L
  4. I ordered my meat to be cooked medium. And it was definitely soft and red, more like medium rare. Since I’m not opposed to medium rare, it was fine, just not how I ordered it.
Despite these disappointments, we got big plates of food, the sides were good and at a decent price. We also got a basket of bread with a side of some green sauce. That green sauce was taaay-stee! I have no idea what it was, but I ate a whole basket of bread just so I could have more of it. So all in all, I think I’ll come back and give it another try, making sure I don’t forget the booze.


Nelly @ I Can Dabble said...

That "green sauce" is a jalapeno, cilantro sauce. Isn't it amazing!! Next time add a little bit of butter to your bread and then the green sauce. HEAVEN!! :) I add that sauce to my bread, food EVERYTHING! Spicy and tasty! :) If you'd like... I have a recipe for a similar sauce (Bolivian) that has a great kick that you can add to any dish for some extra spice.