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Monday, May 23, 2011

Passport Needed ASAP

Hola! Doug and I just got back from the warm beaches of Riviera Maya J You'll be hearing about it all week...

Exactly one week before our international trip, I made sure my passport was ready to go. Weeks prior to this, I remember thinking to myself, “My passport was renewed in 2005 before I studied in Europe, less than 10 years ago…I’m good.” Then when I went looking for it, it completely did not occur to me that I got married two years ago (my name changed) and I needed a new one! Ahhh! We were leaving in a week!
When Googling how to go about resolving this minor last minute issue, a lot of not very authoritative looking sites came up. When scrolling nearly to the bottom, I finally found a (.gov) site.  So for an extra $60, I was able to make an appointment and get a passport within 48 hours. I was surprised that some people in line needed their passport for travel that very day! And apparently they can make it happen, who knew?! I was impressed with how smooth, calm and organized the process was. Don’t make the same stupid mistake as me, check your passport when booking your trip!