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Sunday, October 30, 2011

DIY Puppy Dog Costume

Just like last year, I made Mia a simple Halloween costume consisting of ears and a tail. Thanks to Uncle Jeff giving Mia a new stuffed animal upon every visit, Mia loves puppy dogs, especially Daisy. So with a pink hoodie, pink sweatpants, pink socks, and pink and white felt, Mia is going to arf! arf! arf! all weekend long just like her best friend Daisy. Here’s how you can make a last minute an easy (no sewing machine) DIY animal costume for your child too...and it cost LESS THAN A DOLLA! HOLLA!
Time: 3 or 4 DVR'ed shows (a few hours because I'm lazy to get the sewing machine out and am a slow hand sewer)
Hoodie, pants, socks (all same color)
Felt (pink for ears and tail, white for spots) - $0.33 a piece I think?
Needle & thread
Total Cost: Less than $1!
1. Draw shape of ears and tail on paper. Cut paper out. Fold felt in half. Use paper pattern as a guide to cut your felt. You should have 2 of each piece. Because I didn't follow my own instructions and just went straight to cutting my felt, my puppy dog ears look like bunny or pig ears L
2. Hand sew 2 pieces together leaving an opening to turn inside out (so seams end up on the inside).
3. Hand sew ears to hoodie and tail to pants.
4. Cut spots and sew wherever you'd like them.
5. Cut 5 slits in each pair of socks to make holes for fingers. Cut felt and sew paws onto socks.

Arf arf arf! She looks like a dog and not a bunny or pig, right? L Check back on Monday to see more pictures of my little puppy on Halloween!

I also got my friend ready to party it up tonight in a $1 Pirate costume (black tank top, black shorts, black tights, $1 eye patch, red and white striped fabric). Cheap and cute projects make me giddy. Thanks for letting me play dress up!

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