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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Good Night Chicago – Lincoln Park Zoo

Last year I decided to recreate Mia’s Good Night Chicago book. There’s actually books for a lot of different cities, check them out here. Last summer we took care of a few pages strolling around the Museum Campus and then Navy Pier for her birthday. To make up for leaving her behind while we were in Mexico, we spent the day at the Lincoln Park Zoo and Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.
*Tips* The LP Zoo is always free and the Nature Museum (right next door) was free because it was Thursday. There’s various free museum days in Chicago, I use this website to check when/where they are. Also, the Zoo parking lot is like $20 or something but you can find FREE parking on the street a block away. Hooray for a FREE day in the city!
Good afternoon, gorillas. Isn't it fun to visit the zoo?
This poor hippo kept running in place as if he could get through the glass. Look at his smooshed nose! He kept going at it for awhile too. Poor guy L
Mia pretending to be a giraffe hehe
I had never been to the Nature Museum but knew that it's a site for weddings and that it had a butterfly haven. Butterflies freak Doug out so he didn’t stay very long in there while I snapped away at the beauties. I don’t have a macro lens, but this would’ve been perfect for those who do!
Looks like Mia had a good time J Check back tomorrow to see where else we took her to ease our bad parent guilt!


I'm Your Favorite Song said...

Butterflies are scary, they flap their wings really creepy like

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Chroniclesofacrazymom said...

New follower from the Alexa hop :)
She is a doll!

Eschelle Westwood Mumfection said...

aww that poor hippo!!

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Michelle said...

Beautiful butterflies!