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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Family Reunion: Mini-me Cousins!

So last weekend, the Monster First Birthday Party (inspiration board here) was sandwiched in between an {almost complete} family reunion. The last time ALL my cousins, aunts and uncles got together was four years ago for my Grandma’s 85th birthday.  Fast forward to this year, and we have two more husbands and three more babies to add to the family! It was great to have the mini-me cousins meet.

It was so much fun watching how much Kingston (2) and Kira (3) enjoyed each other’s company....Mia (1) wandered around minding her own business....
And Ryu (6) probably would’ve had more fun if Peter (7) and Brenden (5) could make it since they’re closer in age.  Hopefully someday we can get everyone together. But it’s not easy when we’re talking 25 people from Hawaii to Florida! 

The weekend was packed with good food and wine (I was too busy eating to take pictures of the food)... running around and getting black eyes from moms dancing to the wii...
...gambling over card games (I almost beat my Dad!)...
...and hours at casinos (thanks Great Grandma for the gambling blood that we all have). I love family time and oftentimes just sat back and smiled as I enjoyed us being together. I’m guessing that’s what Great Grandma did too considering she is the foundation of this family and her house has been everyone's home base for 30+ years. Thank goodness my parents are never moving, we LOVE that backyard! J  I’m so glad that we could get {almost} everyone together since it doesn't happen that often. Hope you guys enjoyed your time in Chicago J Love you guys!