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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

15 months


Mia just turned 15 months old last week! Or as Doug said to Mia, “You just finished a quarter and had good results. Another three quarters to go until you’re two.” That's a business man for ya. 
It’s hard to believe all the things she can say and do already *tear* Now that it’s nice out, we can take her monthly pictures outside. Sorry we had to leave you inside Trails (the horsie that was in almost all 52 pictures the first year).
She loves "ba-by" watching on the see saw, swinging and sliding.  She would play at the park for hours if we let her J
Hope you had a great weekend! Even though it felt like a cold, windy and wet October here. Which is crazy considering we set a record high of 90 degrees last week! Why won't Spring make an appearance?!

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stinertrev said...

She is so beautiful!

Michele Rivera said...

She's so cute! Let's hope nicer weather does make an appearance soon!

Susan said...

She is just adorable!!!!

Susan said...

She is just adorable!!!!