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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Erin's Baptism

Baby Erin’s baptism was this past weekend. I was designated to be photog, but thanks to Doug’s last minute Mother’s Day shopping, we missed half of it! But I suppose his frantic find of a gift made up for it J I looove White House | Black Market dresses.  Doug wasn’t sure, but (like a wise man should) opted for the smaller size. Luckily my (15 month) post-baby body fit in my pre-baby size and the silhouette was flattering despite the 5-10lb donut Mia left me. Ha, aaaaaanyway…

Doug picked out another really cute gift, but for Erin. Have you checked out the Calypso St. Barth for Target line yet? He picked out (all by himself!) this adorable romper…in case it ever decides to get warm here in Chicago. I definitely preferred rompers over dress & underwear cover sets at that baby girl age.
To get the romper and cd of pictures (finally finished editing!) gift ready, I neatly wrapped the dress around the cd case and finished it off with a long ribbon. To get to this bow, tie gift like a normal present. Then you’ll have realllllly long ends left. Tie another bow. And another and another until you have no more ribbon left.

Sorry we missed half the baptism Erin! But we can't wait to take you to the lakefront in your little romper like we did with Mia last year J