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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sorry we left you behind…

...but we got you this little guitar!

I mentioned earlier that Doug and I went on vacation. Without Mia. Using excuses like it was for our anniversary, all parents need alone time, it would be more stressful than relaxing and we weren’t sure about the food/milk situation in Mexico. I really didn’t think I’d have a problem being away from Mia for four days. I knew I’d enjoy my quiet time in the sun with a book and drink in hand. J

But it turns out I felt some major mommy guilt. And not because I missed her (don’t get me wrong, I did). But because there were so many other babies there having fun. Mia would’ve loved splashing in the water, sitting on the beach in her sunhat and running around making friends. L I asked some parents how their babies were doing on the trip and they said it was going well. Although some did say they wish they were alone ha. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side?

So to ease our guilty conscious, we bought her a little guitar haha. No no, we also took the next two days off to roam about the big city with our little girl. Come back tomorrow to see what we did. So do you leave your kids behind? Or where do you vacation with them?