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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Update: Baby Girl Gifts- Leg Warmers

When I posted the DIY leg warmers a few weeks ago a reader asked how I tied them into a bow. Here’s how I did it...These steps would apply to a fabric or ribbon bow too. Hope it helps!
  1. Start with one pair of leg warmers.
  2. Take one of the leg warmers (A) and tuck one end into the other.
  3. Take the other leg warmer (B) and fold (lengthwise) the edges towards the middle to make it narrower.
  4. Place A on top B.
  5. Tie B around A.
  6. Variations:
  7. v     Pull ends of B left and right so it extends past the ends of A.
    v     Pull ends of B downwards so it hangs below A.
  8. Turn it over and readjust as necessary. Super simple, no?

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Banuca said...

They seem so sweet, as a gift :)

stinertrev said...

Very very cute!

Ashley Romney said...

This is so brillant! I LOVE the tutorial, thank you for putting it together!

Hizlivi said...

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