Friday, January 28, 2011

DIY Pacifiers for Baby Shower Don’t Say Baby Game

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Phew that was a long title. But that's what google looks for first, right?! Anyway, when I was planning my baby shower last year, (yes, I am that crazy - thanks for understanding friends!), I came across these edible pacifiers over at Hostess with the Mostess for the "Don't Say Baby" game. I seriously love Jen’s blog to get inspiration on fresh, modern party ideas.  I made the pacifiers for my shower last year and made them for my sister in law’s shower this year (each with about 30 guests).

Game: Don’t Say Baby!
Upon arrival, each guest takes one pacifier necklace to wear. The goal is to have the most necklaces at the end of the party. You collect necklaces when you catch someone saying the word “baby” and take their necklace for yourself to wear. So don’t say “baby”, otherwise you lose your necklace! You can always get a necklace back by catching someone else.
Materials/Cost for 30 pacifiers
1. 2 packages of white Life Savers $6
2. 1 package Jelly Beans $3
3. 4 rolls of ribbon – $2
4. Cellophane
5. White Decorating Icing – not the gel kind

Time (will vary depending on number of guests)
1 hour one night and 1 hour the next night.

  1. Since we already established that I’m kinda particular and crazy, I dumped out the package of jelly beans and picked out all the pink ones. Set them aside, eat all the others.
  2. Unwrap a bunch of life savers, set aside so you can get an assembly line going.
  3. Take one Life Saver, put a line of icing over the edge. You’ll figure out how much after you do a few. Stick it inside another Life Saver to make a “T”. Hold for a few seconds to let the icing hold.

4.  After letting the icing set on the life savers you just put together, fill the flat/top hole of your “T” lifesaver with icing.  Stick a jelly bean inside and hold gently for a few seconds to let the icing hold.
5. Repeat until you have enough for each guest. I put them in Tupperware as I went along in case I had to stop and start again at another time. You should also let the icing set before starting to package them in cellophane. I assembled one night and packaged the next night. 
6.  After all your pacifiers are made and have set, time to package them up!
7.  Cut out about 5x5 squares of cellophane.  Try one to see if it will generously cover your pacifier. Cut out a bunch. 
8.  Cut ribbon to a comfortable necklace size. Make it long enough so it easily fits over people’s heads. Test one length out, cut a bunch.
9.  Wrap each pacifier in a square of cellophane, twist the top to close and secure with a ribbon.
10. Tie the two ends of your ribbon together to make a necklace and you’re done! So cute J

And here I am 40 lbs heavier with Mia Josephine in my belly! J


Parents of a Dozen said...

I am your newest follower. I love this idea.

Anonymous said...

This is really cute. And thanks for the instructions.

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