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Thursday, December 9, 2010

No More New Baby Smell - 10 months

Mia just turned 10 months old!  We are realizing that she is starting to become a real person and isn't a baby anymore. L And the fact that her birthday party is less than 10 weeks away freaks me out. So much crafting and planning to do!

Most people say 6 months is the best age.  Your baby is more aware and playful, but doesn’t know how to move and cause destruction yet.  But we think 9 months has been the best one so far.  She’s learned so many new things in such little time!  She went from army crawling to crawling across the room in no time! She can stand up. She can cruise the furniture/walls. She feeds herself real food to eat with her eight big teeth. She drinks water from a sippy cup. She likes to dance now! She is so good at giving kisses and it is SO sweet it will melt your heart. She waves. She says Hiiiiiiiiii. She can ask for her bottle. She also says lots of other babble things. She can repeat or mimic you. She can open drawers and toss everything out to her liking. She knows how her toys work. She loves to read books.

Uncle Don also said she’s losing her baby smell L  And she is.  Aside from not having that fresh diaper, baby powder, Johnson & Johnson bath, and Dreft smell…she now has stinky feet from those darn cute sleepers and morning breath from those big nighttime bottles lol! Sorry Mia for all the stinky traits you got from Mommy! J Our little baby is growing up! And I just found at least three grey hairs this morning. Which means I must be growing up too, huuuuuuuuuuuugh.L
so little!
soo big! (that's a deck of cards FYI!)


Uncle Don said...

I'll teach her how do handle that deck. LOL. Just wait till i tell her how to win money with it!

Angie said...

cutie! i cant wait to see her :)