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Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking Back - A Monthly Recap

As the year comes to an end, my friend sent me an email with a monthly recap of her year.  It was pretty funny to hear what she thought of 2010.

I immediately thought this was a great idea and should be done every year!  It doesn’t need to be detailed because just a few thoughts can bring back a whole slew of memories and inside jokes or little things that can easily be forgotten.  It doesn’t need to be formal either.  Send it to only yourself if you want! Jot it down in a journal. Just do something!  Most people think journaling takes too much time and can’t keep up. In my case, if it’s not written down or if there isn’t a picture, chances are I'll probably forget L So in my journal, I have just one page for each year that I add notes to throughout the year. Little time commitment, but lots of memories to look back on J

Take a minute to look back on all the good and bad of the year and let’s hope we can be blessed for the upcoming one.  Happy New Year everyone!


stinertrev said...

Such a good idea. Mike and I did something similar last night trying to remember month by month what happened - but I like the idea of writing little things down :). Happy New Year! :)