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Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Winter Wonderland

Not to be confused with Mia’s Winter One-derland coming in February J If you’re a loyal reader (or friend), you know by now that I love this time of year. And I love when I can transform my home into a cozy Winter Wonderland with all the little details that the season has to offer.  And I love that Doug loves it too. Little Tree is his project now J  I can’t wait for Mia to love this time of year too.  She already waves and says hiiiiiiiiiiiii when Halmani turns on Little Tree’s lights for her.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Decorating details...

Stockings: SO not happy with them. Add that to my list for next year’s projects.  And what am I going to fit in Mia’s teeny tiny stocking that isn’t a choking hazard?? Guess I’ll have to find something tonight!
Fireplace: A TON of cold air makes its way through our fireplace.  In the past, we’ve used ugly old towels to stop the draft.  This year I used some Christmas’y fabric that I already had and a super cute drift stopper from Pier 1. SO much warmer (and prettier) now!  I’d like to make some drift stoppers for our balcony doors/windows and Mia’s windows.  Also add that to the project list.

Balcony Garland: Doug and I made the mistake of buying only one 9ft garland. Which barely covers half our balcony!  SO ghetto! I wanted to run back to Target immediately! But with a baby, I’m realizing that I can’t just quickly run out to get things anymore. L I love looking out the window to see all the snow and the lights just make me smile inside J
TV Stand: Ok, I know only Rudolph is supposed to have a red nose.  And there’s way more than four reindeer. But they’re from my box of childhood ornaments.

Entryway Table: And that is my sad, sad, bare, pale red poinsettia. Clearly, I am not good with plants.  I wasn’t sure if this baby was going to make it to Christmas.  But with only one more day to go, it’s almost there!  And those cones in the back?  They've been sitting there since I bought them weeks ago and were supposed to be gorgeous flower trees.  Yet another project I did not get to this year – add it to the list!

I hope you can enjoy this time with your friends and family all! Thanks for reading J