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Monday, December 20, 2010

DIY Three Panel Wall Art

The timing of this post is a little off considering it's the holidays.  But I wanted to cross this art project off my to-do list.  I struggle to find ways to decorate all the walls in my home, even after 2+ years. I am totally going to freak out when I actually get a house when we decide to move out of the condo. When I’m finally satisfied with the decorating, I bet it’ll be time to move out! Anyway, we have a pretty large bathroom, with a big blank wall.  A guy friend of ours wanted some design inspiration for his bathroom so he walked into ours (I was honored!) and said “Oh, that’s boring.” Wah wah. I knew I had to get moving and fix that.

When I was pregnant, I did yoga which really got me into zen mode. I also made it to the spa to get a massage and facial around that time which also helped calm and relax me. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I would even do art projects with spa music on haha. Sorry, I digress. The point of my story is that I wanted my bathroom to have the same calming and relaxing feel as the spa.

First, I ended up with a rocks and candle set from our gift exchange last year, I was so excited!

Second, I wanted to put a picture on the wall of flowers or something along those lines. I wanted it to be a picture that I took.  I’d also eventually like to put up in the house canvases of pictures I’ve taken. But I don’t think my skills are quite there yet to be blown up. And canvases aren’t cheap.  Anyway, I liked this 3-split canvas  from a company that the Pioneer Woman recommended.  But before investing the $200, I asked my mentor for her thoughts and she made some good points! 
A. Who puts a huge canvas in their bathroom?
B. How will canvas hold up with temperatures/moisture in the bathroom?
C. The dimensions of the canvas didn’t have a 4x6 crop factor and some of the image would be cropped off.
Good thing I asked Michele for advice, because these points got my creative wheels spinning and I thought of a WAY cheaper way to achieve the same vibe.  I bought three floating frames from Michael’s ($10 each after 40% off coupons - yes I had to make numerous trips since they only allow 1 coupon per person per visit) and a poster sized print from Costco ($10 after taxes and S&H). I took the picture in California at the Getty Center.

Ta da! I just achieved my spa vibe for $40 instead of $200! *aaaaah* and now I feel like my bathroom is much better! And a trick I picked up from my facials for 60 seconds of hot water and soak a washcloth in it. Wring it out, place it over your face and take deeep breaths to calm yourself while pressing the washcloth over your face to feel the warmth.  Something so simple, but it really lets you decompress for just one minute.  Something I know a lot of moms can use. If you had some scented oil, I bet a drop in the washcloth would make it that much more heavenly.

Before - so not a spa retreat.

After - aaaaaah J

Yup, I just let you see my bathroom. I suppose I could get a more fitting clock, but this cow has been with me since college haha.