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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DIY - Christmas Wreaths

The wreath making doesn’t stop there! I made three more for the family. 

This one didn’t take long at all since it’s very simple.  It only cost about $15 including the stand. Pardon my couch in the background.

Materials:                                                                                                                  Finished Product:

These two traditional Christmas wreaths took longer because it’s hard to get the wire secured in all that greenery and it’s hard for me to stop embellishing.  Which is really all there is too it - snip your flowers/picks and secure them to your wreath with some wire (or steal twist ties from the grocery store that you use to tie produce bags). Tie some ornaments or ribbon in if you'd like.  The whole process is much easier to do with a wreath stand, but I didn’t have one on hand. Don't forget to lay newspapers down to catch all that sparkle!

It probably cost less than $15 for each Christmas wreath which includes the wreath, flowers, picks, ornaments and ribbon.  Why yes, of course you can buy Christmas wreaths already decorated and save all the effort.  But it’s just not as personal to my liking and is usually more expensive to buy.  And I like seeing the fruits of my labor J

So here are the wreaths after late night number one.  I brought them to my sister in law's, only to not give them to her.  I wasn't satisfied.

So after making yet another trip to Michael's, I bought some little ornaments and big glittery ribbon to keep on embellishing. I love big glittery ribbon at this time of year J *sigh* After late night number two, much better.  You probably can’t tell. But I can, and that’s what matters J  I wanted to include a picture of the two finished wreaths on their big gorgeous arched front doors, but it was a nasty rainy day out. Maybe another day.