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Friday, December 17, 2010

Indian in Uptown - Marigold

To catch up with my world traveler, we decided to try another Indian place.  I bought the $22 Groupon for a prix fixe dinner at Marigold in Uptown, which turned out to be a great deal! Similar to the first Indian restaurant we tried, we were delightfully stuffed - except this time we didn’t smell like curry! J Here's my review...

Marigold is very cozy with warm tones on the walls, jewel lanterns hanging from high ceilings, and banquette seating along the length of the space.  It was obvious that we liked the décor.  As we were looking around, taking it all in, our waiter came over thinking we needed something.  When really, we were just admiring the ambience! J Marigold already succeeded in two important aspects of my dining experience (ambience/décor and attentive wait staff). The only thing left was the food…

I love going out to eat with people who have the same tastes.  It was a cinch to pick out what we wanted for each course. We started with a buttery and flaky samosa filled with spiced potatoes and peas.  The inside was a little too mushy for my liking, but the outside was nice and crispy and the filling definitely had a good kick to it.  Similar to Cumin, we were served a basket of papadum chips and chutneys. SO addicting, like chips and salsa. Next we had a plate of the Murg Makhni (boneless spiced chicken tikkas simmered in a rich fenugreek spiced tomato cream sauce) and lamb vindaloo (tender and spicy), all served with fresh tandoori naan bread and basmati rice.  These were both tasty.  To accompany our meal we had some Maharajas (Indian Pilsner).  That name reminds me of Moulin Rouge ;) We finished off the night with sweet rice pudding kheer.  Eh, I didn’t like this at all.  It was cold, had a taste that I couldn’t place (which I still don't know what it was), and had a weird texture. 

All in all, for fifty bucks (Groupon + drinks + tax + tip) instead of ninety, we were stuffed and satisfied J  I bet we'll be back, try it out!


Praveen said...

We bought the same Groupon, and loved it :)