Wednesday, May 1, 2013

{Blake} - 6 Months

Back in October, I had the pleasure of photographing my old college friends and their newborn baby boy. Six months later and that 7.5lb bundle of joy is now a little man sitting up on his own!

Big baby boy eyes get me every time!

Six months old is such a happy baby age!  Blake was just that, complete with silly sounds, faces and lots of drool from this no toothed little guy!

Although Blake can't crawl yet, he's ready to stand with just one hand for assistance. And judging from the big smile on his face, he's quite proud of himself!

I love love love chubby baby finger dimples! While 6 month old Blake has discovered his toes, I think he was much more interested in these 10 little things.

Is Blake the All American poster child in his red, white and blue or what?!

 Always good times you guys! Until next time when I see your baby get so big


Kate said...

Wonderful pictures of Blake and family!