Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Choose happy.

While Doug gave Mia a bath the other day, I forget what they were talking about {those two talk a lot}. But I overheard my three year old say, "Because we choose happy. Right?" Hearing her sweet little voice remind my husband how we should decide to feel each day {and understand what it means} made me one proud mama.

In our tiring, busy daily lives, there are countless nit picky things that can upset us. But really, there are so so many overlooked blessings to be happy about...When changing out my birthday party decor, this free printable from Paper Coterie graced my inbox and it couldn't be more perfect. Mia's at a whiny age right now. Having a simple visual reminder for us to choose happy definitely minimizes her meltdowns and reminds me when to breathe and not sweat the little stuff.

99% of the time, she is one happy little lady. "Mommy take my picture here. I'm taking lots of pictures because I'm the flower girl!" Get other free printables here to add a fresh dose of springy sunshine to your day. Have a wonderful week!