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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Countdown to Christmas Activity-Santa's Beard

So it's a few days late to start a countdown to Christmas, but it'd be perfectly fine to catch up on this one.  Rather than an Advent calendar stocked with sweets or an activity (that I'd have to think of and fit in) everyday, I came across this free DIY countdown to Christmas printable. Gluing a cotton ball to Santa's beard every day is simple enough for my almost 3 year old.
Get the free download here from Inviting Printables.

I'm a traditional red and green kinda girl around this time of year, so I printed out the file, cut out Santa's hat, face and 'stache and glued it onto green cardstock. Mia helped me write each of the numbers and I rewrote the little poem for her. Although looking at my handwriting is totally bugging me, I'll try to look past it. Santa hangs at the bottom of our decorated fireplace, right at Mia's level. How do you countdown to Christmas?


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