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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lil Kickers - Toddler Soccer Classes

Last year, we signed Mia up for her first dance class. While she loves to dance, the class was getting a bit repetitive so we wanted her to try something new. Talk about effective, free marketing...all around the city I'd see kids wearing Lil Kickers soccer jerseys. Sure enough, the name stuck in my head, I looked it up and not long after, Mia was signed up for her first soccer class.
So excited for her first soccer class!

Lil Kickers has facilities all over the country. Before signing up, we observed either the 18-24 month or 2-3 year old classes and did not like what we saw. The toddlers were kicking the ball one on one with their parents, stacking cones and stomping on bubbles. I can do that at home for free! But the 2.5-3.5 year old class was more structured with soccer "drill" type activities disguised as stories by the enthusiastic coaches and parent participation was minimal.
Look at that focus and determination!

This activity was my favorite! They cleverly told the kids that using their hands, they have to keep their "hats" on while kicking the ball. What a smart way to get kids not to use their hands, without them knowing it!

Mia really enjoyed this activity where they "drove boats" and stopped when sharks came.

After 50 minutes of running around and attentively listening to the coach's instructions, these two sure broke a sweat!

Week 2...Starting the class with some stretches and I can hear her squealing with delight on the right!

Racing around the track the kids made with cones and scoring some goals!

It's pretty safe to say that she's one happy camper after running around with daddy for an hour. I'm sure by the end of the session, she won't need him by her side anymore.

If you couldn't tell, I highly recommend Lil Kickers for their facility, enthusiastic coaches, and creative exercises. I wish I were compensated for saying that, but I'm not! I just wanted to share.


Doug said...

I looovvve it! Soccer class is fun!

Unknown said...

Those pictures are awesome. Man, that facility looks pretty sweet. Ryu's first soccer class was in an old gymnasium without any training tools, just soccer balls. I can't wait till Kira starts her classes

Brenda Williams said...

Love these photos. Just the cutest thing ever. That really looks like fun.

PandaBelle said...

Mia looks super adorable in her soccer jersey/attire!

Nelly @ I Can Dabble said...

So cute! We enrolled Nate a year and a half ago in the same lil' kickers program here in the DC area. As I'm sure you know... the excitement of soccer only lasted 2 sessions. But he did enjoy it while it lasted. And I got to make these little "trading" cards for him! :)