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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Instagram - Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day

I did it. I brought myself into the 21st century and got a smart phone! Am I the last one on Earth to do this? Just like Facebook, I'm sooo slow {by a few years} to buy into the latest trends. But I'm ok with that. And now I'm on instagram {follow me at lilmamastuart} and hopped on the Fat Mum Slim photo a day bandwagon. Here's my first two weeks of instagramming...don't judge, I'm new to this!

1. 8 o'clock - bathtime!
2. peace - nothing more peaceful than a sleeping baby...with her three puppy friends.

3. something you held - snapping a photo of holding Mia's hand on the way to school was not working. But a knife will do!

4. black & white - thanks Frances for picking your wine based on cool labels!

5. looking up - on the el platform...

6. from where you live - as terrible as the CTA can be at times, I love the sights of my city.

 7. stars - on the sidewalk at my train station. Can anyone tell which one?

8. someone you love - you guessed it! Naps in the car on busy weekends are pretty much a guarantee.

9. out + about - on the way to soccer class on a rainy December day. What the heck?! It should be snowing, not raining!

10. under - one day I don't make the bed and I go to sleep after my husband and this is what happens! A giant blanket ball. Really!?

11. sweet - an afternoon snack. Reminds me of my Grandma and the cookies out of a round blue tin.

12. hat - we love our bear hat, thanks Uncle Jeff!

13. lights - view from the el on the way home from work.

14. something green - results of a blue and green candy cane...

 15. outdoors - Christmas music in the rain just doesn't feel right!! This shot is definitely my favorite so far.

16. something you made -  a good ol' peanut butter sandwich for lunch

Should I follow you? Leave your instagram name in the comments! Play along with #fmsphotoaday for the rest of the month...


Sarah said...

Welcome to the world of smart phones! :) I LOVE that outdoor shot, number 15, awesome!

Christine Trevino said...

Love love love. And now following you on Instagram (pending of course if I stay or not with all the internet fuss about their new policies!) haha!