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Monday, October 18, 2010

What’s a motto? Nothin’, what’s a motto with you!?

Hakuna Matata! Six months after I bought the tickets, it was finally time to see Lion King! When I got the Broadway in Chicago email back in April about pre-sale tickets for Lion King, I was so excited!  I heard great things and was waiting for it to come back to Chicago.  Doug and I have seen a show every year for the past few years: Wicked, Jersey Boys and Chicago.  I hope I can keep this tradition going until we’re super old J

We started our date night out with dinner at Hub 51.  Here's my review...With reservations at 6pm, there weren’t too many people yet.  But by the time we were done at 7:45, I heard the hostess say it was over an hour wait.  We got seated towards the back and I took the banquette seat with a nice view of the bustling restaurant. Doug was upset he had to look at me all night instead of scoping out the scene for any celebrities.  Apparently Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler were spotted here a few weeks ago. 

I already liked the vibe and music but the waitress won me over when we were trying to figure out which bottle of wine to get.  Since I couldn’t decide, she offered to bring us four different ones to taste.  I’ve never been offered that at a restaurant before so I was thoroughly pleased.  I chose the Muscat to accompany our shrimp and king crab sushi roll, braised short rib tacos and halibut with coconut rice.  They hand press their own corn tortillas which I clearly enjoyed as I “stuffed my face” says my husband.  After topping it all off with a brownie and ice cream it was time for Simba!

Overall, I liked the show, but not as much as others.  I just wasn’t entirely into it at some points.  Maybe I couldn’t completely lose myself in it because it’s a Disney story where I’m following the life of a lion, but still.  However, the costumes and set were amazingly creative.  I loved the use of lighting to create dramatic silhouettes, how they created the animals and Pumba.  It’d probably be a great show if I were a kid.  But note to parents, judging from the two sleeping kids next to me, I would spend your money on matinee tickets. 

As always, I enjoyed my date night J What should we see next year?  Les Mis is coming in February!


stinertrev said...

We saw Lion King in St. Louis a couple years ago and loved it -mostly for the costumes. How much fun! Glad you guys enjoyed your time!