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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Welcome Home!

My best friend/aspiring gypsy returned home yesterday after wandering Europe for 3+ months.  To show Agatha how much we missed her over the summer, we decided to throw her a rather last minute, surprise welcome home party. 

Although Agatha's mom was in Paris with her for the past two weeks, she was kind enough to let us invite ourselves over to surprise Agatha (thanks Mrs. K!). With Popeye’s, Pizza Hut, burritos from TBK, and Coronas in hand, we had all the non-European food that we figured Agatha missed most.  We were chit chatting away while waiting for Agatha who we thought had to ring the doorbell to get in.  We forgot that she had the code for the door downstairs and she ended up surprising us as much as we surprised her!  After she walked in and wondered “WTF?!” for a split second, Frantic Frances managed to grab her confetti and chuck it at Agatha before she knew what hit her. 

It was good to have everyone together again to catch up.  Agatha is always one to bring us all together.  And you could tell that Mia and Maya were excited to see each other again from their smiles and talking J  Until Mia started curiously clawing at Maya and made her cry.  Such a bully.  (Just like mommy? =X) We even got Agatha to hold the babies.  And at the same time! With her beer (see, she does have maternal instincts afterall!).  It must’ve been that clarifying moment she had at a church in Europe where her maternal instinct switch was turned on by an encounter with a lost little boy.  Luckily, her brother reassured her that she can always be a crossing guard to fulfill her calling at guiding children hand in hand to safety – lol. 

It’s good to have Agatha back.  And with her being back for less than a week, off to California we go on Saturday! Yippee!