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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Send Your Baby an Email!

This weekend all the babies (and parents) in our building finally met for a play date.  It was so much fun! I’m glad I could meet our neighbors, get to know everyone a little better and hear how their new parenting lives are going.  Also, winter will be here before we know it and we’ll all be cooped up in the same building.  So might as well get out and enjoy the fall weather together before it’s freezing outside!  

Some of the benefits of talking with other parents in the area are getting the scoop on restaurants and how baby friendly they are (who has changing tables and who doesn’t), learning about schools, daycares and nannies and my favorite – creative little ideas…

We can all bet that google will be around indefinitely.  So to remember their son’s milestones, one set of parents set up an email account in their son's name.  Every time he accomplishes something (first time parents get so excited about every little thing), they’ll email him to document it.  If the mom were to go back and do it again, she’d attach pictures each time too.  I think this is a great simple idea! I'm sure typing out a quick email comes to people more easily than scrapbooking or journaling and it’s already part of our daily lives.  So expecting parents – it’s not too late for the little ones! J


Today is Tuesday said...

That is a cute idea! My mom did something similar. Each week she would write a letter to my grandparents, letting them know what I did that week. She had my grandma keep all the letters and compile them, which my grandma sent back to my mom just a couple of months ago! It was filled with really funny stories.