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Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Recap

Another Monday morning….first I see the bus pass me by.  So I wait for the next one, with no Red Eye because they moved the newspaper box to a corner where there is no bus stop.  No Red Eye Guy at the train station either, bummer.  I bet he didn’t want to stand out there on this 40 degree October morning. Then I see the train pass me by.  So I get on the next train, which is a stinky one.  Bored, with no reading materials. Oh well, at least it was sunny and we had a good weekend J

So on Saturday we tested out Mia's new City Mini stroller and walked on over to Costello’s for some warm toasty sandwiches on the cool fall afternoon.  My pot roast sub with melted provolone and giardianara was deeeelish! Doug was surprised at how quickly I devoured it.  On the way out of our building, our neighbors in the elevator said, “It’s a boy, right?” hmmm, Lil Mama Stuart’s going to have to make a Bears headband so Mia doesn’t get mistaken for Stewie again.  Despite being mistaken for a boy (the pink blanket apparently wasn’t enough to make up for the boyish hoodie), I think Mia enjoyed the new views from her stroller.  

so little!
Then on Sunday we took Mia to her first wedding.  It’s actually our only wedding of the year.  *sigh* being there took me back to my own wedding…and how much I miss all the details!  I was excited to get some photog practice, but was getting frustrated with dim lighting, slow shutter speeds, and moving subjects. I’ll have to work on that.  The wedding was mostly in Korean with a lot of silly games, but my fave was the popo song J My little eggi gives me popos every morning before I leave for work J The reception was held at European Crystal Banquets in Arlington Heights, which I liked more than I thought I would. I liked the food too, which is not always the case with weddings. 
loved the draping and lighting

accidental bokeh!

lil mama multi tasking :)
Can't wait for next year's weddings!