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Monday, October 25, 2010

No Spitting Young Lady!

So I don’t intend for this blog to document all the little things Mia does.  That’s what the journal I bought before she was born was for.  Which remains blank to this day. Kind of like the scrapbook(s) I bought.  But anyway, my memory is not the greatest.  If it’s not written down, or I didn’t take a picture, chances are that moment may easily be forgotten.  So here’s our parenting story for the weekend.

Mia is into spitting lately. Especially while eating.  Maybe it’s the fact that she has a handful of new teeth and it’s entertaining to sputter her lips to hear the new noises she can make. But given that I have cream (I know, not a smart choice but I <3 whites – and no, beige is not my favorite color) upholstered dining chairs, any action that may get my furniture dirty is a no-no.  Just ask Randall. But mostly, we don't like spit on our faces and that's just plain rude.

During lunch, Mia proceeded to spit in her high chair even after Doug sternly said no numerous times. After awhile, Daddy had enough and made it very clear that she was misbehaving and he was not happy about it.  Seconds later, Mia was silent.  Looking down.  With a guilty looking “I know I did something wrong and you yelled at me for it” face.  Soon after that her eyes welled up. Like she wanted to cry but was trying to hold it back. Then the pout came. Then the whimpering.  Then the crying. It was PRECIOUS! I wish I could’ve captured the whole thing go down on video.  And I know my pictures wouldn’t have done the moment justice.  *sigh* Our first disciplining moment.  I know it wasn't a serious offense, but you have to start some time. And of course right after, because that pouty face made his heart hurt, Doug being the sucker that he is said, “Aw that’s ok honey…”

I’m going to have to toughen him up…we can’t wait for more parenting moments! =/


Unknown said...

:) i liked this story... just the start of the disciplining.