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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Can We Keep Her In Her Bubble?

Hearing stories about suicides resulting from bullying in young kids (and apparently college kids too) in articles such as these, makes me realize yet another way technology completely changed social interactions. 

I remember being the bully in middle school as well as being the one everyone turned against.  When I look back at the things we said and did back then, they were obviously mean and uncalled for.  I still remember the “sexy six” boys had a handwritten list of how all the girls ranked and their nicknames for us, picking on kids at the park like I owned the place, and being invited to a birthday party only to be told they all hated me. If only I could take back all the a'hole things I said and did as a kid.

However, it seems as though the things we did back then don’t even compare to the things kids say and do these days.  We had to pass around notes back then.  But now with everything going viral in an instant, the impact of being bullied is magnified compared to my middle school days.  And then to hear these victims committing suicide as a result is so tragic.   

It’s one of many daunting things to consider now that I’m a mom. If Doug had his way, Mia would stay in our little bubble forever. Free of germs. And everything else parents want to protect their kids from. I can only hope to raise Mia with the proper values to not be the bully I was and to be strong enough to defend herself and talk to us should she be the victim.