Friday, June 14, 2013

ANOTHER baby boy!

Since last fall, every newborn baby that has graced the front of my camera has been a BOY! There was Blake in October, Corby in November, Evan in December, Joey in January and Luke in April. Can you believe it?! I haven't photographed a single newborn baby girl since then!

After the excitement of Doug's best friend's wedding on Saturday, we met our nephew on Sunday, just five hours after he was born. A few days after his due date {just like his sister Erin}, my sister in law felt her first contraction at 6AM. After a phone call to make baby sitting arrangements and less than four hours later, Steve and Sandy welcomed their 9lb 6oz, 22 inch Baby Benson into the world! His official newborn portrait session will take place in the next two weeks, but I just couldn't keep my camera away during my short 15 minute hospital visit!

Enjoy your Father's Day present Steve!