Thursday, September 13, 2012

Circus in the Parks

Last weekend, we took Mia to one of Chicago's Circus in the Parks. Circus in the Parks is exactly that. A {small} circus under a tent at a neighborhood park. Although the circus didn't have elephants and lions like Doug thought there would be, the two hour high energy show (with a 15 minute intermission) held kids' attentions with its variety of singing, dancing, flipping, juggling, swinging acrobats, tight rope walkers, theatrics and tricks.
The best part of Circus in the Parks is that proceeds go to rebuilding the park where the circus takes place. Tickets are only $15 each, with weekend shows in various neighborhoods throughout October. It's money well spent for an entertaining afternoon out with your family, especially when your money goes right back into your community. There's plenty of shows left, you can still check it out!

Last weekend also marked four years that we've been in our urban cozy condo. We'll sure miss all of Chicago's fun activities when we move on to quiet suburban life a few years from now!


Vanessa said...

We are going this Sunday @ Welles Park! I'm excited for it!

Christine @ grateful for a coffee break said...

What a cool event!