Tuesday, February 1, 2011

01 What They Do

First Joy of Love assignment, what they do.  Mia loves to read and does this more than anything else.  Thanks Uncle JC for the little books! She's also on the move now and loves walking so fast back and forth through her room. This was very tiring for me to keep running ahead of her to get some walking shots!

Today was also her last weekly picture. That's right. I took 51 pictures of this girl with a sign and her horsie who's been with her since the hospital. Thanks Auntie Agatha! There were many times when I wanted to quit with the weekly pictures. It's exhausting and frustrating to try and get a clear shot once they can move!  But I did ALL 51, hooray no more! My baby's almost one!


Agatha said...

aww, glad to see the horsie has made through year 1! altho technically, you can thank my mom for that one :)