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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

{Jenelle} - 3 Months

What would’ve been Jenelle’s 3 month session for her {Baby’s} Getting So Big series turned out to be more of a family session. Sorry Jenelle, it’ll be all you next time!
 Baby sister (3 months) and big sister (1.5 years old)
Absolutely adore how toddlers get so excited by playing peek…a boooo!
Playing hide and seek behind the bushes got me some more smiles J
At this time last year, Maya had a single long curl on the top of her head. Now look at all her pretty curls!
Here's Maya's same time last year comparison, under the same tree at Grandma's house.
Mommy kisses and Daddy and his girls...
*aaaah* A calm moment for everyone to enjoy baby...
Or not! I had to give you a peek behind the scenes of a family portrait session with toddlers.
You have to be patient and have lots of tricks work hard (by being silly) for real smiles!
The cousins stuck around and I finally got Drew to be silly! 
I tried, Grandma Z!
**Don’t see any family pictures in this post? I don’t want to spoil their Christmas/Holiday card!**

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Christine Trevino said...

They turned out so great! The lighting was fantastic! Great job!

Joyce said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos!

Kate said...

Adorable shots! What beautiful girls you have!

Seeing Each Day said...

Such lovely photos, I'm sure your friends will be pleased. The photo of the hands covering the face is totally adorable and would look priceless enlarged and hanging on a wall.

Southern Gal said...

Cute children and great shots.

Mia said...

Gorgeous baby girl, you have a beautiful family! :)

thatgirlblogs said...

such beautiful children!!

Kia Bishop said...

Beautiful children and beautiful shots!

Moments and Impressions said...

Oh my goodness those curls! You have a beautiful family. Love Jenelle's face in that last one.. not so sure about it all.