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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Coordinating Fall Family Portrait Outfits

At the last minute (after seeing Mia all dressed up but no time to be in pictures with her cousins), I wanted to take family portraits this year. We are loving life with our baby girl and I don't want these fleeting moments to be forgotten. And I actually want to be in some pictures for a change!

Since my wardrobe doesn't fit this post-baby body like it should, I hurriedly hit up the mall to find something that would fit properly match Mia's outfit.  I'm no fashionista and seriously need help throwing looks together for myself, let alone to coordinate with other people. With tips from Kristen Duke on how to coordinate family portrait outfits without being matchy matchy, here's what I picked to wear...
Baby girl's sweater and dress are from Old Navy with DIY leg warmers and flower (turned hairpin) made by Great Grandma.

I also think my friend did a great job of coordinating her family's outfits in gold and cream. If you need ideas on how to put together family portrait outfits that photograph well without donning matching winter sweaters or the same shirt in different sizes, check out Kristen's tips on what to wear. I doubt mine or Doug's purple shirts will show through in the actual pictures. And I didn't even wear that necklace and chose a different pair of earrings. But at least I felt like we were put together! And that's what will show through. J

Just like I say with my clients,  **Don’t see any family pictures in this post? I don’t want to spoil our Holiday card!** 


Christine Trevino said...

Love this. It's hard to figure out how to coordinate :).

A Blissful Nest said...

Love it! I have that sweater for Lauren.

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke said...

love the colors!