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Thursday, November 24, 2011

c/o '01

You would think lil mama stuart would have tons of Thanksgiving related food/décor posts this month, right?! But lately all you’ve been seeing are photos of random kids and families! Gotta edit edit edit so people can get their holiday cards out in time!

Another reason why there’s been a lack of Thanksgiving related posts is that I’m not hosting the big feast this year L Unlike most people, I love all the fuss preparations and time in the kitchen from the second I wake up til the second family arrives. I love creating a big delicious meal and decorating my home with the coziness of fall where our family can get together. Even when it was just the four of us growing up, we’d dress up, get the tablecloth and candles out and stuff our faces with the big dinner that my mom prepared. I want Mia to have the same warm and fuzzy memories of family holidays and traditions like I did. J

But…with trying to coordinate with everyone's schedules and two 10-year high school reunions, hosting Thanksgiving was just not in the cards for us this year. So instead of a warm and cozy turkey dinner with all the fixin's at our place, Doug and I will be drinking heavily reminiscing with our friends from the class of ’01…
Happy Thanksgiving! May your bellies be full of good food and laughter with those you love. ♥
There's so much to be thankful for...