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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall Portraits in the Neighborhood

Again, we've been blessed with beautiful warm weather on the weekend. Thank goodness! I was afraid we'd have to bundle up for my last family holiday card portrait session this year.  But we didn't, and I was able to capture this little monster enjoying the falling leaves in his neighborhood.
Unlike wedding and engagement sessions where couples are all about kissing, I often get this kind of reaction when I  ask moms and dads to kiss each other during a family shoot. Why?? Married couples still lovingly kiss, right?! 

Don't you love Tre's hot mama outfit? Her blog aims to fight frumpy mommy syndrome! Get outfit details here.

After strolling around the neighborhood, we needed to keep Jonathan entertained stopped to play some football.
Kid's got a really good arm. I was impressed!
But what's better is his happy dance. I love how he stomps his feet around with arms up in excitement!
All that playing and dancing makes a boy hungry. Snacks - I always tell mamas to bring some!
I won't show you Baby J's signature one finger in his mouth, one in his belly button pose (kids have the silliest quirks).
But his little belly just did not want to stay covered J
Walking up and down a hill kept this 18 month old busy for awhile. And he loved to wave at passing airplanes.
And dogs. And trucks.
We ended our session with (numerous) trips down the slide. Head first! Boys are fearless I tell you.
Thanks for a lovely afternoon guys! Being a repeat client, I must be doing something right J
 **Don’t see any family pictures in this post? I don’t want to spoil their Christmas/Holiday card!**

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Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of Baby J and the fam!!! It's so difficult to pick a favorite one but I love the one with the 3 of them where he's sitting on the picnic table. You're a great photographer!

Lili said...

great shots!!!

Unknown said...

Love the Photos,Going to be a nice holiday card.

The Nomadic Bookworm said...

These are awesome shots Mindy! He is adorable!

Christine Trevino said...

Love these pics. My favorites are the ones where mom and dad are in the background and baby boy is in the front. So so precious!

patty said...

great shots... love those w parents out of focus in the background! and i love her HAIR! spicey! :)
and also, my baby used to put one finger in her belly button... too cute.
thanks for visiting my blog earlier this week!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Beautiful photos, I especially like the colour photos,.

Kristle said...

OMG! I love the pictures! I think we may need to organize something for next year!! You definitely have a way of capturing moments!! LOVE THEM ALL!!