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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Crafting Low

As I made yet another trip to Joann and Michael’s, in the same day, for the umpteenth time this week month, I felt like I reached a low. 

I already checked out with a cart full of goodies, but upon paying, I found the sale ribbon that I was looking for the entire time!  I worked up a sweat digging through that $1 bin. Tossing ribbon spools around looking for that specific shade of lavender/lilac that I picked up earlier in the week for fear of running out later in the month and not being able to find it later because it was seasonal! I felt like a mad woman. A bargain hunting crazy crafting old lady!  What have I come to!? Perhaps it was a glimpse into the future, when I will still be crafting as a Grandma, with 40% off coupons in hand.  Just like my Grandma J It was then that I realized…I must. stop. shopping. I need to just start doing already! The bags and bags of crap decorating supplies are taking over my bedroom.  Thankfully my loving, understanding, supportive husband hasn’t said a word about it yet J

Now that the Christmas decorations are gone (normally I’d be sad about this), time to start making things for Mia’s party and turn our house into a Winter One-derland! J And then transport it all to the real party venue.

I can’t wait to show you all the DIY details after the party! Will I be able to be mom, hostess, photographer, chef and party planner all in the same day?  Yikes, probably not a good idea, but we shall see. I know – all self inflicted stress.  But the pitter patters of excitement I get when it’s all said and prettily done, can’t be beat J


Today is Tuesday said...

omg you weren't kidding when you said it was taking over your bedroom!