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Friday, January 21, 2011

What's Your Design Style?

Jess over at How About Orange posted this quiz today.  Do it!  It only takes a minute. What were your results? Was it spot on?  I think it was for me J

Results: You most resemble "Wealth and Brains"

Graceful living in a well appointed home. A kitchen that is purposeful and always intact. The subtle refinements of your sleeping nest reflect a desire for order. Like the painter's brush, your composition is done in living color. Lake Cabin table for your salads and seafood. A lithe and agreeable cab - no meal required. On cobbled streets, character abounds. A creative and social space, your kitchen is managed competently by you.

Suspected "Wealth and Brains"...
- Oprah Winfrey
- John Kennedy
- Michelle Obama

I hope to have more posts with pictures or tutorials or recipes next week! Stay with me J


Agatha Kubalski said...

I'm a "Bon Vivant"!

You most resemble a "Unpretentious Bon Vivant".

A romantic simplicity defines your setting. Kitchen ambitions move slow by design. With everything else so fine, you can live with an unmade bed. Choreographed by you, the design fundamentals and colors present a moving style. Modern subtleties extend to your table. A lithe and agreeable cab - no meal required. Pre-war, upper east side attitude. Sytle cues of fun and discovery abound..

Suspected "Unpretentious Bon Vivant"

- John Lennon
- Cary Grant
- Coco Chanel

khris said...

Results: You most resemble a "Park Avenue Cocktail".

Fine lines and minimal embellishments - this prize is your home. A kitchen that reflects your passion… large, sweeping - authentic. A tailored bedroom rewards a hard day's work. Tempo and technical accumen give a smooth flow to you. Dinner is served auspiciously with Asian flair. A cool refreshing drink - and often more than one! Pre-war, upper east side attitude. At the end of the day… you don't take things too seriously..

Suspected "Park Avenue Cocktail"

- Marlene Dietrich
- Audrey Hepburn
- Frank Sinatra