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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stuck in the Snow?

This happened to us on Christmas, but now that it’s snowing again in Chicago, it could happen to you too! So here’s my tip and trick for the day.  

I have a little sedan that’s rear wheel drive = not good for Chicago winters. Every winter my handy mechanic (aka my dad) puts on my winter wheels. But then I also buy two heavy sandbags from Menards to put in my trunk. They are so helpful to weigh my little car down and prevent sliding uncontrollably on icy streets. It’s pretty cheap too, less than $10, I think. Oh, I also have a little red shovel in my trunk. From when I was 6 (no lie, this family doesn’t throw anything away). Just in case I ever needed to dig myself out.  Anyway, on to the rest of the tip…I remember my dad saying that if I were to ever get stuck in the snow where my wheels just spin and the car’s going nowhere…I can take the sand and toss it under the wheels so my tires have traction to get moving again.   

On Christmas Day, we were stuck in a driveway.  Doug was trapped in the driver seat because his door was blocked in by a stupidly placed nearby tree, so I had to hop out and save us (with the help of my brother in law).  I shoveled away the snow around my wheels with my handy little shovel, threw some sand under the wheels, and 20 minutes later, we were moving again! 

Be safe, don’t get stuck out there!


Agatha said...

Wow, look at you! Figures Doug would be sitting in the car the whole time while you do the tough work :)

That's why I'll never not own an SUV in Chicago! When I see a mountain of snow, I don't consider it an obstacle, but rather a challenge :P

stinertrev said...

Awesome blog Mindy! So so smart! Pieces of old carpet also works. We had to use that once when we were stuck in Carlinville! :)