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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinkalicious - The Musical

Yesterday, I mentioned how we saw a show near Water Tower. Can you guess what show it was?
If you can't guess from our outfits, the title of this post gave it away, duh!
It was Pinkalicious - the Musical! And yes, I DIYed her Pinkalicious star wand from fabric, chopsticks and ribbon right before the 10am show.

We were introduced to the Pinkalicious books when a friend gave Mia Silverlicious for her birthday. Then when I sent Doug and Mia alone to Barnes & Noble to pick out a book, they came back with Pinkalicious. Since Mia's done well with other shows, we thought we would treat her to another.
As you can tell from the very empty theater, there weren't many people at the show. The Broadway Playhouse Theater at the Water Tower is small so any seat would be good.

Overall, the one hour show was just ok and pretty silly. And not in a creative, innovative, value added kind of silly, like the other children's book turned musical we saw. We definitely liked Good Night Moon - the Musical better.

Granted, the whole idea of a girl turning pink from eating too many cupcakes is a silly story in itself, it just wasn't worth the full price tickets we paid. And to top it off, the week after we saw the show, I get an email that tickets are now $3.65. FOUR DOLLARS is definitely NOT what we paid to see this musical.
PS - Peter turned out to be our favorite character!
I bet Disney's Beauty and the Beast at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater at Navy Pier would be a better musical. But, it's only here through August and I think that's a bit too soon to go to another show. We don't want to spoil this little girl too much!

Anywhoooos, afterwards, we took a long hot walk to Yolk in Streeterville. Where the wait was nearly an hour (obvi, for a Saturday afternoon).

But luckily my two hungry, tired and hot babies bought a giant Slurpee to tide them over until lunch.

If it weren't so dang hot and humid, eating outside probably would've been more enjoyable. Despite the heat and tired/cranky baby, we enjoyed our chocolate strawberry pancakes (topped with strawberries, chocolate sauce and whipped cream) and the spicy "Hey Ricky" (spanish omlette with avocado, chorizo, jalapenos, onions and melted jack and cheddar cheeses.) FYI it's BYOB, so bring your own champagne for mimosas!

Within minutes of leaving the restaurant, Mia was knocked out! It was a fun family day in downtown Chicago J Minus the crying and screaming the entire way home because someone was woken up when being transferred to her car seat. 


PandaBelle said...

I absolutely love the picture of the two of you ... and you look so stunning! What a fun day out :)

Joyce said...

You are such a cute family! Sounds like an interesting musical- will have to check out the books