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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chicago Lakefront Bike Rentals

Ooooeee! It’s hot out there! According to my trusty weatherman Jerry Taft, Chicago’s had 30 days of 90 degree weather this year! Compared to 10 at this time last year. Despite the heat (and going out the night before), we decided to go on a family bike ride along the lakefront this past weekend. It was questionable if Doug and I would survive considering the amount of alcohol we consumed the night before (one bottle for myself was a great idea!) from his boss's rooftop deck. BBQing with good company and an amazing view of the skyline from Bucktown, how could we say no? Thanks to my parents, this little lady had her first sleepover.

We don’t own bikes, so we rented two and a child seat (comes with helmets) from Bike and Roll Chicago’s Foster Beach location.

2 hours and 12 miles later (which definitely made me sore that evening!), we made our way from Foster Beach down near Oak Street Beach and back. We didn’t make it all the way downtown in our two hours. Next time we’ll have to rent from their Navy Pier location so we can take Mia to see Buckingham Fountain.

Similar to our 3 hour, 6 mile kayaking adventure, on the way back we were tired and borderline miserable.  Rather than coasting at a leisurely pace with the breezy lake by my side, I had a few mental pep talks (similar to when I run) as I pushed myself through the burn in my legs to race back before our 2 hour time was up. But, for smiles and views like these… was worth it J

We knew we’d relax at the beach after our bike ride, so we stopped on the side of the bike path at Fullerton Grill to pick up hot dogs, corn on the cob and beans and chips to eat back at Foster Beach. The Grill offers Rub BBQ Company items, which I overheard, won North Center’s Ribfest recently. I was way too hot and sweaty to order any BBQ though. Take note, they don’t have plastic bags if you want to pack up your food to take somewhere else.

While it wasn’t a cheap family day out ($60 for 2 bikes for 2 hours + a child seat and $20 of food), it was another Chicago activity to check off our bucket list. And it could be a free day if you actually owned bikes J

A dip in the lake (which was unusually warm) was just what we needed to cool down after our sweltering bike ride. Foster Beach is our preferred Chicago beach because it’s not too crowded, not so ghetto, not full of drunken 20 some-things, is family friendly, the pay box parking lot is close to the beach entrance and there is an area to rinse the sand off.

Unfortunately, Mia always leaves the beach crying because she doesn’t want to get out of the water or go home! She even peed on Doug as he carried her back to the car. Take note parents, swim diapers do not hold pee in!


Christine @ grateful for a coffee break said...

Uggh yes I've been peed on through a swim diaper. What good are they anyway? Just for the poops??


Love the pics - glad you had fun!

Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

A fellow land of Lincoln blogger!!! We are in the burbs now SO I appreciate seeing the city in your pictures, don't make it there as often as I would like.