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Friday, April 6, 2012

Pink & Green Polka Dot 1st Birthday Party: Decorations

Now that you've seen the party printables that I designed and how I used washi tape for my niece's first birthday party, here is the full reveal of all the decorations!
{Letters normally hang from her bedroom wall.} 

My sister in law (Sandy) didn't have a specific theme in mind for her daughter's dol {Korean 1st birthday celebration}. She just wanted it to be pink and girly with a touch of green for Springy-ness. Based off this and the polka dotted balloon invite, I got to work and sent my SIL a 10 page detailed party plan so she could easily execute her party.
{Tray from Target's $1 spot, although it was $2.50. Lined with scrapbook paper and trimmed with two ribbons.}

The brainstorming started two months in advance. Sandy wanted a modern dol, while keeping a few classic elements.
{Those wrapped phonebooks made another appearance.} 

To combine modern with traditional, we included candy coated marshmallow pops & cupcakes with dduk {Korean rice cakes} & fruit on the main table.

Erin also wore a traditional hanbok (Mia's!) when various items were placed in front of her for the doljanchi.

Everyone wrote their name on a raffle ticket to guess what Erin would pick and placed it in that item's bowl. After the birthday girl picks an item, she picks a raffle ticket from that item's bowl and the winner received a Target gift card. Get the washi tape gift card holder tutorial here.
 {Free Sprik Space patterns used to design sign, tickets, tray lining and doljabi pictures. The doljabi pictures are taped to clothespins so they could attach to the bowls. Bowls are from Target's $1 spot, but again $2.50. What's up with that?!}

Whichever item the birthday girl picked is thought to tell her future {golf ball::athlete; pencil::scholar; stethoscope::doctor; paint brush::artist: microphone::performer}. Just like most babies, Erin froze under the spotlight of all her guests staring at her loudly cheering her on. But, after some coaxing from mommy, she picked the golf ball. Let's see if she's the next Michelle Wie!

In addition to the traditional doljabi, Erin had a smash cake. Unlike her photo session where she was all over it, she didn't care for her cake in front of her guests.
{DIY birthday party hat from scrapbook paper and tulle from her newborn tutu!}

All in all, Sandy said, "The party turned out even better than I envisioned. I loved the sweets table arrangement...
{Wondering how to make wall letters stand on a table without tipping over? Insert chopsticks into the holes in back!
Just call me Martha McGyver J

...the colors...
{Cupcake toppers designed with free Sprik Space polka dotted pattern. Cut lollipop sticks in half.} 

...the tulle table skirt...
 {Inspired by and tips from Genie Leigh Photography's Tangled Party. We used 8 yards of tulle for under $10. I would even double the yards if you want it to be fuller. Random balloons scattered on the floor was a HIT with all the kids.}

...and how the balloons tied everything together.
{Pictures from her photo sessions matted on cardstock and scrapbook paper taped to ribbons.}

{Buckets from Target's $1 section. For fiddy cents, holla!}

{Custom name print from BabyByrds. Which I have for my daughter and all my neice and nephews.} 

...I wasn't excited about the entire process, but I'm glad I put in the time and money to create a beautiful party for my little girl." Awww that means the most to me - when people see that the time, money and effort truly is worth it.

I think we successfully brightened up Maggiano's dark banquet room. Don't you think? Please contact me at mindysukan{at}gmail{dot}com for further details on my party planning services. I would love to take part in creating your special event!

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Laney said...

Love the theme! The sweets table is so beautiful! Your niece is so lucky to have such a creative aunt. Great work!

Sandy said...

Pictures turned out great! And thanks again for all the party planning help!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

Oh my gosh, this is GORGEOUS! I love the birthday hat, and she is seriously the cutest little thing! Great job on everything!!

Christine Trevino said...

Mindy you are Martha Gyver. And incredible too! LOVE it!

Little Mrs. said...

WOW! Everything about this is GORGEOUS! So glad to help with the table cloth - it turned about beautiful!!