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Thursday, April 5, 2012

DIY Pillow Cases - Birthday Gift

You all know by now that I try to give a hand made gift whenever possible. My niece Erin has a lot of open space in her bedroom next to a bookshelf, beneath a window. I thought this would be the perfect spot to create a reading nook. I bought 3 square pillows, in sizes that nest. Big one for daddy, medium one for mommy and small one for baby J
 (The stack of pillows in the back against the crib are Mia's pillows that we cuddle and read on.)

The two big ones were from Target - and oh so soft! The smaller one was from Michael's or Joann's and made just as soft as the other two with a minky fabric pillowcase. Pink and green, just like her party - did you notice? J

In one night, I made all three pillow cases with an easy, basic envelope closure and a few different embellishments.
1. Sew ric rac to the edge.
2. Sew ric rac in a frame and add a bow.
3. Make a "bow". I bought this minky fabric for her newborn photo shoot *sigh*

Cute baby gift, no?

And of course, you have to get some books for the new reading nook. And a big blanket for bed time snuggles.

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Laney said...

Loving the spring colors and patterns! Very nice pillows...what a great gift!

Samantha said...

What a fun idea! And you did a beautiful job of course!



Sarah said...

What an awesome gift! Homemade gifts are the best (but I stink at making them!). Super cute pillows!

Christine Trevino said...

Great job Mindy! What a great idea!