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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Boston with a Toddler {Day 2 of 3}

**This was our first time traveling with a toddler, so I'll detail our itinerary by day for people who want recommendations on what to see and where to eat.** Catch Day 1 here.

In the morning, we walked to the North End (Boston’s Little Italy type neighborhood) to grab cannolis from Mike’s Pastry and breakfast at Café Vittoria.  {Now I know what a real cannoli should taste like!}
I don’t recommend Café Vittoria for breakfast since they do not bake their own pastries. I chose this cafe because it was mentioned here but for its gelato I guess.

The quiet morning walk along the Freedom Trail through the North End was so peaceful even as restaurants were getting their morning deliveries of bread and produce. There's literally an Italian restaurant at every other store front. How do they all stay in business competing against each other??

Thanks to Jeff’s recommendation of Neptune Oyster and knowing they have very long waits, we walked the top half of the Freedom Trail to kill time {it took less than 1.5 hours} before lunch at 1130am, when Neptune Oyster opens. What a gorgeous day!

No wonder they have long waits, they only have tables for ~25 and bar seating for ~15. Since we lurked around waiting for the moment they opened their doors, we didn’t wait at all. We ate PEI Mussels, Fried Ipswich Clams and a Maine Lobster Roll hot with butter. I don't normally eat mussels, but felt like I had to give them another try. And I'm glad I did! The mussels were immersed in a tasty, slightly spicy red curry broth. The lobster roll was full of delicious lumps of lobster and a perfectly soft yet charred buttery bun. Mia ate fries for lunch {oh well, can’t win em all!}. Thank goodness this meal redeemed yesterday’s lunch and this morning’s breakfast. And yes, it's an oyster bar and we didn't have a single one. Sorry, couldn't do it! 

Afterwards, we walked the top half of Beacon Hill towards the Museum of Science to board our Duck Tour. I loved the narrow hilly brick paths, unique doorways, black shutters and flower boxes that flanked the fronts of the expensive homes in Beacon Hill. These homes were my favorite sights of the trip...

Yes I'm a creeper taking pictures of people's front doors. But look how beautiful it is!

Apparently just like back in the day, these gas lamps stay on 24/7.

I was very tempted to go to an open house just to see what it was like inside!

 Some sidewalks are very narrow and definitely wouldn't fit a double stroller.

Loved the brick pathways throughout the entire city. It adds so much character and old world charm.

I adored these homes. The Duck Tour on the other hand, I did not. Don't get me wrong, I like Duck Tours, but at $85 for three tickets to a boring 80 minute tour through the city and a bit on water...I’m bummed that we wasted the one sunny day we had on this snoozefest. Since we bought tickets before we left, we couldn’t have predicted the timing with the weather.
Luckily, the tour made Mia pass out so she could nap before what turned out to be a very long dinner…

Per a friend’s friend’s recommendation for a fun dinner near the water, we walked to the Barking Crab on a Saturday night. When I called ahead, they told me they do not take reservations on the weekend, but we'd be fine when we got there for our party of three. She lied. If you have an impatient and angry husband child, do not go. We waited for an hour and a half and ate dinner near 9pm.  

When our platter finally came, I went straight to work on the 2lb lobster, 1lb bairdi legs and 1lb snow crab legs. I enjoyed the seafood, just not the wait or the sides. Do not get the Clambake as your side, which consists of: {watery} chowder, {dry and rubbery} pei mussels {served in a plastic bucket}, corn on the cob, {ONE} red potato and {very bland} slaw. Doug’s never angrily eaten so much seafood in his life.  And Mia happily devoured three full corn on the cobs while I scared her with the lobster and crab claws. J One more day! 


Laney said...

I love the brick sidewalks too! Sucks you did not like the Duck Tour.