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Thursday, February 2, 2012

50 Degrees in January?!

One year ago in Chicago, we endured the blizzard of the century! Or Snomaggedon. Or Snopaclypse. Whatever you call it, between January 31 and February 2, 2011 the blizzard that swept through Chicago with 70 mph winds, lightning and thunder, trapping hundreds of cars onto Lake Shore Drive set the record for most snow produced in 24 hours (20 inches). While this year, we’re basking in nearly 50 degree temps?! What is goin' on!?

We did however accumulate a few inches a few weeks ago (that melted within a few days). I layered Mia up and carried her out against her will to play in the snow, despite her incessant crying that she didn’t want to go out to play. But mommy always knows best and she had a good time shoveling and making her snowman.

And yes, that would be my very shovel from when I was 6. We don't throw anything away in this family!

Ok, so she wasn't a fan of the snow last year either haha. Here's a same time last year comparison for you!

Thanks to my sister in law for the pictures (and Ryu's snow suit!), since I was busy playing.


Christine Trevino said...

Hahaha. We took Elijah outside after it stopped snowing last year. Took like a half hour to get him and me all bundled up (I was VERY preggo!) and when we put him in the middle of the shoveled sidewalk (with snow above his head on both sides) he freaked! We were outside for about 10 minutes. Haha. Glad Mia ended up having fun!