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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Learn How to Shoot in Manual Mode

You’ve heard me mention Misha Media time and time again. And rightfully so! Aside from capturing my engagement and wedding photos, if it weren’t for Michele and Andy’s Photography 101 class two years ago, I wouldn’t be photographing the way I am today. I also wouldn’t be on Facebook (*gasp!*) if it weren’t for Michele. Michele insisted that it'd be a good idea for me to join so I could post questions/photos to continue learning through a (private) MishaMedia101 FB group. I gave in and Michele and Andy have been my mentors ever since.  I cannot thank them enough for their encouragement and willingness to teach! Michele and Andy are passionate about what they do and it shows through their work - truly an inspiration!

I often get asked if I know any good resources to learn the basics of photography or how I learned to shoot. And my answer is always MishaMedia! I finally rounded up enough close friends and family to host a MishaMedia 101 class. Michele and Andy enthusiastically and patiently taught eight of my close friends and family the basics of photography and how to GET OFF AUTO from their DSLRs and shoot in manual mode!
It’s a lot to take in for five hours. But after studying their camera’s manuals, figuring out what all those buttons do and learning how ISO, aperture and shutter speed relate, my friends and family are eager to shoot and apply all that knowledge!

If you’re in the Chicagoland area and want to get your money’s worth from that expensive DSLR you bought, contact MishaMedia to host a class with your friends or have a 2-on-1 personal lesson. You'll be photographing at a whole new level, promise!


Agatha said...

Ha, I love how everyone is wearing beige!

Christine Trevino said...

So so cool! Glad you guys had a great time!