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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{Noah} – 6 months

A few weeks before their family photo session, Christine told me she bought the boys new Bears shirts. She wanted to get a picture of Elijah (2.5) and Noah (6 months) in their new gear, but Elijah said something along the lines of “No mommy. Mindy takes our pictures.” When Christine told me what Elijah said and that I was now the designated family photographer, it warmed my heart!

Elijah really is super excited whenever I come over which makes photographing his big happy smile so much easier. The key to Elijah welcoming me with big hugs and grins (other than my charming personality - ha kidding) is how Christine repeatedly talks about the upcoming photo session beforehand. Check out her post on how to prepare a toddler for a photo session. Although, as most parents know, big smiles can unexpectedly turn to pouty faces within a few minutes! 
It was so much fun shooting outdoors and at a park! Elijah's got the choke hold bear hug down. J
 Ok, back to the reason why we do these quarterly photo sessions...Baby Noah!
Love his big gummy drooly smile!
I think he gets that big beautiful smile from his mommy J
Dontcha just wanna rub his soft sweet face? And gotta love chubby baby hands!
  Thanks for another fun afternoon guys!


Christine Trevino said...

Thanks again Mindy! The pics are fantastic!

Nelly @ I Can Dabble said...
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Nelly @ I Can Dabble said...

So stinkin' cute! I love the picture of him in the air with that little trace of drool hanging out his mouth! hehe.

The Nomadic Bookworm said...

These are so cute!!! Great job on the photography!

Michaela said...

Oh- he is precious!!

DrunkOnShoes said...

lol so cute! urlacher!