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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sprout with Dale from Top Chef

Sunday was a big day of eating for me! First was brunch at Sprout in Lincoln Park. Then a BBQ in the suburbs. Then back to the city to have Chef Jeff cook dinner for me for once! J

Elaine and I have been Facebook friends through MishaMedia101 for over a year now, but had never met! Being Top Chef fans, we thought Dale Levitski’s (Top Chef Season 3) restaurant, Sprout, would be a good spot to finally talk photography face to face. PS - they have a strict NO CHILDREN policy! {photo by Elaine}

In the ten minutes that I waited at the granite topped bar, I had a lot of time to take in the atmosphere. And I saw Dale come out twice to see how things were going on his restaurant floor. And I liked the little porthole in the back where you could see the chefs bustling about.There are about 20 tables with nail head trimmed leather chairs in the contemporary American restaurant. The exposed stone walls lined with greenery below the sun shining in from the skylights and square light fixtures definitely evoke an atmosphere akin to the restaurant’s name. 

After Elaine got a Bloody Mary and I ordered a…ok I have no idea what was in my drink but I told the server I liked sweet…we started with the Lithuanian Bacon Buns because I’ve read so much about them. But I was underwhelmed. L Maybe because I’m Asian and they reminded me of sho paos (If you’re not Asian, think Wow Bao). Elaine had the skirt “steak and eggs” and I had the egg Lyonniase accompanied by frisee, radishes, frites, and pork belly. Like I told you about Big Star (and I haven’t told you about Sunda yet) I never pass up pork belly. Despite the fatty goodness that is pork belly, it was a light and delicious brunch, unlike my typical sweet pancakes/French toast with a side of sausage and potatoes. 
Elaine isn’t shy to ask (I mean, girl wiggled her way to shoot next to the professionals at Bulls and Fire games!)…so she asked if Dale would come out to take a picture with us. And he did J He was not as social/goofy as I thought he’d be! Or he just had a full restaurant to think about rather than small talk with me. He mentioned that they plan on opening another location, but don't know where keep a look out Chicago foodies! Note: You must make reservations for brunch. 

For dinner, and after spoiling Mia with another stuffed animal, Jeff whipped up shrimp ceviche, skirt steak with a chimichurri sauce with sides of grilled asparagus and potatoes. It was delicious! Read all about his Chicago Eats here.

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Lili said...

I love DALE from that season!

Sarah said...

My husband is part Filipino and we used to eat a lot of Siopao when we would visit his family in Chicago. I haven’t had one in a long time though!

mvgumiran said...

AH! i love dale! and that place has been on my list to try forever! you made me move it up a few...that's awesome that you got a picture with him.