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Monday, August 15, 2011

BlogHer’11 - How I Got There

Now that I’ve slept at 9pm instead of doing anything else most of last week, I am ready to give you my BlogHer’11 recap. And I’m going to drag it out and make it a week long affair because there is just too much for one post!

I already expressed my love for Paper Culture here and here. And now I have an even bigger reason to love them! One week before the conference, Paper Culture posted on their FB page saying that they were:

“ away a FREE Full Conference badge to BlogHer ($300 value) for next week in San Diego. Just give us a link to your blog and tell us why you think we should choose you for the ticket.

Of course I entered! I enter giveaways practically every day and never win. But I always tell myself, “I’m bound to win some time!” However, I must have overlooked minor details such as SAN DIEGO and NEXT WEEK.

A few days later I received an email titled “YOU WON.”  I thought, “hmm must be spam.” (not remembering what give aways I recently entered). I continued to read the preview, and it was from Paper Culture’s CEO. WHAT?! I WON something?!?! I never win  giveaways! My heart raced with excitement!! Then I thought, “Wait a minute, where is the conference? ...When is it? I'll have to take off work. I'll miss Ryu and Kira's 1/2 birthday party. And Aiden's Baptism…How much are flights?!?...Hotels?!... Sh*t, what do I do?!”

After assessing miles and points and deciding that this would be an amazing opportunity I could not pass up (The CEO of Pepsi was speaking! The Pioneer Woman was speaking! I could network with over 3,500 other bloggers and get my name out there! I’m never going to do this again!), I made arrangements to be in San Diego four days later. I loved Paper Culture months ago, and now I ♥ them even more!!

Many of you asked what I said when I entered...“Because the best way for the blogging community to grow and learn is to come together, support and teach one another! I love all the creativity out there and hope that my blog inspires other as well.” Technically I was the second winner. The first winner already had tickets, so Paper Culture picked me instead! J


stinertrev said...

So so exciting! :) Looking forward to hearing more about it in the coming days! Glad you got some rest!

Cedar said...

That sounds really incredible! What a great opportunity!