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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Party Ideas: French Themed Dinner Party

Bonjour mon amis! Last night, Agatha hosted a French themed dinner party inspired by her gypsy travels through Paris.

Here’s what we had on the menu:
v     Wine, Cheese (Bouchon, Mimolette & Ossou Iraty), Prosciutto and Baguettes
v     Mushroom and Gruyere Tart (adapted from epicurious)
v     Coq Au Vin with potatoes
v     Sautéed Haricot verts (aka green beans) and bread crumb coated squash
v     Pains au chocolat with strawberries (probably had one every day while in France, yum!)

We. were. stuffed. Someone (to remain unnamed) even had to change into more comfortable pants. Agatha wanted us to get drunk and have fun the dinner party to be low maintenance and more about the experience. The French inspired playlist, menu and candles accomplished just that. Not bad for a weeknight! I love a night of good food, wine, friends and laughs. Don't you?

To ease the time, effort and cost of hosting this dinner party, set the table the night before and have everyone bring a different dish. If someone (also to remain unnamed) doesn't know how to cook, have them do the dishes! An empty sink is SUCH a relief for a tired and super full hostess. J


Lili said...

that ALL looks yummy!

Meriem said...

Bonjour from France. -looks like a lot of fun you had there with your French inspired dinner. I have the same problem with pain au chocolat everyday! - eat them too often but yes they are yummy.