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Monday, March 21, 2011

Paper Culture Thank You Cards

I raved about Paper Culture before and they impressed me again!

I saw some thank you cards and thought they were so cute and perfect for the Winter One-derland! (Are you sick of the party yet? Don’t worry - this is the last you’ll hear about it, I promise!) But passed on getting them since I didn’t want to pay that much and was still debating about making my own. But then Paper Culture had me fill out a survey and I received a $15 credit. That sold me haha. And the fact that I didn’t come up with a design yet on how to make my own. Aren’t they sooo cute though? Even Doug thought so. How could we resist?

A few days after I placed my order, they informed me that my shipping was upgraded for free and I'd get my package a few days earlier! What a pleasant surprise! And then when my pretty little box of cards arrived, Paper Culture wooed me again with a 20% off coupon! I’m such a sucker for good service. And coupons haha.

The little family was perfectly adorable as is, but the color wasn’t exactly what I hoped for. So I had to personalize it a little and give it a little ooomph. And make a baby girl penguin J With ribbon scraps. Speaking of which, I was shocked (ok I was moreso sad) that my SIL threw out all the ribbon from her Guess Mommy’s Belly Size Game. She asked what I would do with scraps of ribbon anyway?! Dah! I should write up an entire series of posts just for that! In true crafter fashion…I must. save. everything!


Eliza said...

Not this SIL! lol! I even save scraps for Ryu's school cuz they use it too! U need to write up a thing on reusing stuff, cuz I wish I thought of the tissue paper a long time ago! I'm running out of space for storage reusable things & need to actually start reusing.