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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Groomsmen Gifts

We have a few friends getting married this year and one of them asked me for some inspiration on not so ordinary groomsmen gifts. You know…the standard engraved flask, mug, moneyclip etc.  As usual, I was giddy with the request! They’re going to Vegas for the bachelor party, so immediately I thought of some fun Hangover ideas, with this and this in mind from Hostess with the Mostess.
Travel tote – Every traveling business man needs one. And it’s perfect for housing all your Hangover necessities...
Small bottle of Jager – To get the night started…
Two Tylenol pills - In a little baggie with an "X" label.  They'll come in handy when the hangovers kick in.
Little plastic/toy wolf - Accompanied by a speech about why you ♥ them and they're your groomsmen. 
Pocket knife – Obviously needed so you can become blood brothers.
$$ bills - C’mon, it’s a bachelor party. In Vegas.
Hospital bracelet – Used to label each groomsmen’s tote.

Other ideas that could be incorporated:
♦ tooth ♦ deck of cards ♦ casino chips ♦ chicken ♦ baby ♦ sunblock ♦ Mike Tyson ♦ tiger ♦ Chinese guy ♦

With Doug going to Vegas for the first time ever, let alone for a bachelor party…I’m concerned he’s going to end up missing like Doug or physically injured like Stu. Kinda like our college days.  Let’s hope he comes home in one piece.

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